Collected Tweets


Langara Journalism Review’s list of voices to follow is a selection of prominent B.C. journalists who provide in-depth coverage of the province. While much of their work is published in mainstream news outlets, these journalists provide extra reporting and insight from their Twitter accounts.

Travis Lupick, Andrea Woo and Nick Eagland are focused on the opioid crisis.

Kim Bolan keeps a close eye on crimes committed in Vancouver. She quickly reports incidents on Twitter before there is time to do a full write up.

Frances Bula is virtually unmatched in her knowledge of municipal affairs and civic issues.

Mike Hager won a Webster award for his coverage of marijuana issues in Vancouver, and his reporting didn’t stop then.

Keith Fraser is the last journalist in Vancouver who exclusively covers the courts.

One comment

  1. Last court reporter Fraser. Is it because only a few ‘Old Country’ people can take shorthand to keep up with testimony in courts?


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