Editor’s Note

By Gabrielle Plonka 

Putting together a magazine in just eight weeks on the current state of journalism in B.C. felt impossible after only two years of study. It still does, though we seem to have achieved it. We are a small team, and we have been since we started in September 2017. We know each other’s strengths and we are necessarily skilled at leaning into each other’s wildly different personalities.

In a very short time, we’ve grown enormously, and we are united by our passion for the trade. That same passion is what inspired the collection of stories you’re currently holding. In producing this year’s Langara Journalism Review, we were guided by that same passion and willingness to be instructed by the process. We developed an entrepreneurial sense of what stories worked and what didn’t. We wrote about what we felt was important. The social justice and climate issues that kept us awake at night, the shapeshifting nature of multimedia, social media and do-it-all media that is sweeping the industry and the place journalists hold in a turbulent world.

Gabby Headshot Cutout FINAL

We are indebted to the many working journalists who aided us in our reporting for the magazine, many of whom guided our investigations with invaluable wisdom and perspective. Despite the many people who have told us that journalism is an impossible industry to break into, or perhaps failing its purpose in some way, we are optimistic for the future and what we will achieve. The many voices in these pages have taught us how much can be achieved with the right amount of enthusiasm.

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