Going Mobile

Ready to shoot: Katie Mercer doesn’t enter the field without her stabilizer rig. Photo by Mathilda de Villiers.

A glimpse into the intrepid field reporter’s technological toolkit

By Mathilda de Villiers and Cloe Logan

According to Katie Mercer, journalists who say the trade is broken simply haven’t adapted. “Print’s not dead,” she says. “It’s online.” Mercer is Glacier Media’s social media and web content guru. She oversees over 60 community publications, ping-ponging across Western Canada in an attempt to guarantee quality online content at every single one. If you want to work like Mercer, you have to do it all: write web copy, shoot video, take photos, post live hits and 360° shots. So, what are the right tools for the job? We took a peek inside the briefcase of a multimedia journalist.

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