To Record a Call

As a result of social distancing, a good call recording app became a must have. Illustration by Dee Farrugia

Showcasing some of the best call recording apps available on the market today

By Rui Yang Xu

With COVID-19 forcing journalists to rely more on phone interviews, a need for a good call recording app became necessary. After testing 12 apps they’ve been narrowed down to the five best in specific categories depending on the needs of the user.

Best free program- Automatic Call Recorder by Appliqato

Price: Free/ Pro for $10.99

Google Play Store

While the Automatic Call Recorder app by Appliqato does have a paid version as well with some extra features, its free version is the best free app available based on the testing. With various storage features such as Google Drive and Dropbox, this is the best bang for your non-existent buck!

Best all-around- Call Recorder by Cryok Sia (Blackbox)

Price: Free trial / $0.99 per month

Google Play Store

Blackbox Call Recorder has all the settings and options one could look for in a recording app and then some locking the app behind a code and backup storage on Google Drive. With the usual options for storage and recording settings, Blackbox also features support for bluetooth devices and security settings like a lock function. While there is a free version, the 99 cent per month subscription is well worth it for all the ways you can set up the app for your personal use.

Simplest to use- Boldbeast Call Recorder

Price: Free trial / $0.99 per month

Google Play Store

Although reviews have shown that Boldbeast Call Recorder has been hit or miss for some users, this is definitely the simplest app to use. While it shares the same accessibility setups as most apps on this list using the app to record is much easier. When a call starts a single button appears on the interface to start and stop the recording as needed. There is a 99 cent per month subscription and it’s well worth it for something simple.

Best multifunctional app- Smart Recorder by SmartMob

Price: Free / Pro for $1.49

Google Play Store

While it’s primarily a voice recorder, Smart Recorder is still a solid call recording app in its own right. Along with that, it has useful features such as being able to skip silence on recorded files. Finally, unlike most apps on this list, the premium version only requires a one-time purchase of $1.49, or if you have the Google Play Pass, it’s free!

Supports the most apps- Cube Call Recorder

Price: Free / $1.99 per 3 months

Google Play Store

Most of the apps on this list are only able to record phone calls, but Cube Call Recorder can record anything you can think of. Skype, Slack, Whatsapp, the list goes on and on as such this may be the best app for anyone making calls through multiple means. However, some have reported the need for some complicated setup to make the app work and the premium version comes with a $1.99 per three months subscription fee.

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