The Langara Journalism Review provides essential coverage of the issues, trends, events and personalities that are changing the face of B.C. media. Journalists, educators and corporate communicators turn to LJR to better understand their world, and the dynamic role of journalism in modern society.

The LJR is produced annually by Langara journalism students, see previous editions here. Throughout the course of a semester, this group of 11 students has worked tirelessly to produce a product they could all be proud of. Meet the team behind the LJR.

Missy Johnson


She has enjoyed her time as editor-in-chief. Previously a peace & conflict studies student, Missy is a multi-skilled journalist living in Vancouver. She speaks French and loves books & wine.

Twitter: @missyyjohnson

Austin Everett

Managing Editor

Austin Everett is a British Columbian who is passionate for literature, arts & culture and good story telling. Stories are always worth telling and are sure to make a difference— somewhere.

Twitter: @austineverettAE

Tierney Grattan

Assistant Publisher

Tierney has enjoyed working on the Langara Journalism Review Magazine as a reporter and the assistant publisher.

Twitter: @GrattanReport

Instagram: @tierney.grattan

Max Fossey

Section editor

Maxim Fossey is a Langara journalism student hailing from Calgary, Alberta. Fossey was also a copy editor for this year’s edition.

Twitter: @FosseyMRReports

Joe Ayres

Digital Editor

Joe Ayres was in charge of all digital content. They put together the LJR website, helped with multi-media production and lead the social media team. They hope to work as a social media coordinator or copy-editor.

Twitter: @ayresjournalism

Instagram: @ayres.journalism


Joshua Rey

Copy Editor

Joshua Rey was a copy editor and contributing writer for the LJR. He hopes to be a sports writer and/or a radio host.

Twitter: @JoshuaRey91

Liam Hill-Allan

Creative Director

Liam Hill-Allan was the LJR’s creative director and photo editor this year. He enjoys talking to interesting people and taking photos.

Twitter: @LiamHillAllan


Christina Dommer

Production Manager

Christina Dommer put together all the stories in the magazine that weren’t features. She’s just trying her best.

Twitter: @DommerChristina


Nathan Gan

Social Media Editor

Nathan Gan was Assistant Photo Editor, turned Story Contributor, turned Copy Editor, turned Social Media Editor. He hopes future jobs in the journalism industry are just as hectic.

Twitter: @NaganNews

Instagram: @Nagannews


Kristian Trevena

Contributing writer

Kristian Trevena was a contributing writer for the LJR. She is passionate about writing about mental health issues and the environment.

Twitter: @k_trevena

Kristen Holliday

Contributing writer

Kristen Holliday is a Vancouver resident, writer and recent graduate of Langara College’s journalism program.

Twitter: @kristen_reports

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