The Langara Journalism Review provides essential coverage of the issues, trends, events and personalities that are changing the face of B.C. media. Journalists, educators and corporate communicators turn to LJR to better understand their world, and the dynamic role of journalism in modern society.

The LJR is produced annually by Langara journalism students, see previous editions here. Throughout the course of a semester, this group of five students has worked tirelessly to produce a product they could all be proud of. Meet the team behind the LJR.

Kristian Trevena


Kristian Trevena is a Vancouver resident and graduate of the Langara Journalism Diploma Program. She is passionate about writing about civic issues, social justice, and mental health.

Twitter: @k_trevena

Rui Yang Xu

Managing Editor, Online Editor

Rui Yang Xu is a Langara journalism student hailing from Richmond, British Columbia. Xu is an active content creator within the esports community with work published on places like the Daily Hive, NBC Sports Philadelphia, and Akshon Esports.

Linktree: https://linktr.ee/ruiyang38

Safoura Rigi-Ladiz

Assistant Editor, Chief Copy Editor

Safoura is a Vancouver resident and journalism diploma student. She appreciates arts and culture, social justice, and the outdoors. In the future she hopes to do community reporting in a small town newsroom.

Twitter: @Safoura_Rigi

Ryan Ng

Art Director, Production Manager

Ryan Ng is a journalist from Vancouver who enjoys working creatively by using written and visual mediums. He loves music and literature and is particularly passionate about automotive and animals—especially guinea pigs.

Twitter: @RyanNg123

Dee Farrugia

Art Director

Dee was the art director and illustrator for the LJR. She is currently in the Langara Publishing Program. She hopes to bring nightmares to life as a comic book writer and make her son Liam proud.

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